Audio Technica Mounts: 3D print files only


3D print files for both my Audio Technica mounts. Save on shipping, and print as many as you want!


If you have a 3D printer and want to save on shipping for my products, you can optionally 3D print them yourselves, or have a local maker do it for you. Sometimes even your local library will have a 3D printer!

Both styles of Audio Technica mounts are included: bridge mount and soundhole mount.

These should be printed in flexible TPU material and not rigid filaments like PLA or PETG, oriented as shown in the preview images. TPU usually requires a direct drive extruder to print properly. I use 0.2mm layer height and 3 perimeters. 15% infill.

Note: While you can print as many as you want for yourself and to give your colleagues, you do not have permission to resell my designs.