Vic Wong – Software Engineer

I offer freelance software development and engineering consulting services to organizations ranging from small businesses/nonprofits, to promising young startups, to some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley.

My specialties are frontend web development (React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress), Quality insurance and test automation, home automation (Raspberry Pi, Python), and custom 3D printing / design.

Inquire at paniquejazz@gmail.comย and see some examples of my work below!

Personal projects

A screenshot from Pikaraoke, a Youtube-based karaoke app I wrote from scratch in Python/Flask
Onebook, an online music fakebook search engine

Lately, I have also been interested in music software technologies and have launched my own open source projects, with subjects such as real time low-latency music jamming (Jamtrip), a sheet music search engine (Onebook), and even a home karaoke machine (Pikaraoke). See my Github projects for more details.

3D-printing and design

A custom-designed and 3D-printed volume control box for Archtop guitars.
Hard-to-find vintage reproduction pickup covers!
Custom microphone mounts!

My interest in 3D printing has led me to CAD design and creating customized parts for musicians. See my Thingiverse profile for my designs, and my blog for project explorations.

Home automation and robotics

A face-tracking and water-spitting robot I built for the Secret Alley’s 2017 interactive Halloween art show/bash.
Motion activated shrooms! Also for the Secret Alley.

I also have a great interest in home automation and microcontrollers. I’ve built interactive sensors for garages, pet feeders, IR blasters, and mailbox notifiers. I’ve unleashed sinister robots. I’ve worked on the technology for escape-room style interactive scavenger hunt games. I’ve hijacked landline phone systems to play organ music by Anton LaVey if you dial #666. That sort of thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Custom web design

A screenshot from a custom landing webpage I implemented for Lyft in 2017

My past frontend web development clients have included Pandora, Lyft, the Designer Fund, the Secret Alley, and EverNow Inc.

Reach out at and let’s see if I can make your vision come to life!