Vic Wong – Solo Guitar (available on Bandcamp)

San Francisco guitarist Vic Wong plays arrangements and improvisations of his favorite jazz songs from the early 1930s.
Released May 20, 2020

Performed and recorded by Vic Wong on his trusty ’47 Epiphone Blackstone. This project was the culmination of an artist residency at “This Will Take Time” in beautiful Point Arena, CA September 21st – 27th 2019.

Morning Coffee Sessions

For much of 2020, I recorded short solo arrangements of my favorite jazz standards and songs that get stuck in my head while I had my coffee. I dubbed them “Morning Coffee Sessions”

It has been great creative practice, and I’ve done over 100 of them! Check them out in this playlist.

Morning Coffee Sessions


Selected solo work

Picking the Guitar – Nick Lucas
Rivka Road Rag – Dalton Ridenhour

Wingtip Hot Four

A group I assembled for a weekly gig at the Wingtip Club. Featuring Andrew Stephens – Trumpet, Brian Campbell -Clarinet, Sam Rocha – Bass

Everybody Loves My Baby
Pennies From Heaven


My Django Reinhardt-inspired Gypsy Jazz band. Featuring Benito Cortez – Violin, Daniel Fabricant – Bass, Nick Christie – Guitar

Double Whiskey / Je Cherche Apres Titine
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Chopin Waltz in C# minor / Topsy
Panique! by Baro Ferret (this site’s namesake)


Selections from other groups and projects that I have had the pleasure of playing with.

the Cottontails – Mood Indigo
the Alcatraz Islanders – Waikiki Chickadee (on bass)
Emily Anne’s Delights – Times Passed

Hold My Hand – the Cottontails
Lori Carsillo – Meditation
We Three – w/ Karina Denike, Jesse Wagner
Inside (this Heart of Mine) – with Rob Reich and Conrad Cayman