Audio Technica Pro 70 / 831b: bridge mount + soundhole mount pack


Two Audio Technica microphone mounts for Archtops and Selmer-style guitars. For mounting in the soundhole and mounting behind the bridge.


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Two mounting options for your Audio Technica lav mic (Pro 70 or AT831b models) to your Selmer Maccafferi or Archtop guitar. Made of durable, grippy, rubbery TPU material so it holds the mic tight and and wont damage your top.

  1. Bridge mount: mounts on the strings behind the bridge, points straight down at your guitar’s top. Couldn’t be easier! Recommended for “D-hole” style Selmer copies or archtops.
  2. Soundhole mount: Hangs from your soundhole, externally or internally (internal recommended for oval-hole selmacs).

Both come with an integrated handy cable clip on the other side to keep it out of your way.

Get one of each, or two of the option of your choosing.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

2x soundhole mounts, 2x bridge mounts, 1x soundhole mount + 1x bridge mount