“The Stick” Minimalist Amp Tilt-back Stand


Minimalist Amp Tilt-back Stand that slips onto most combo amps’ back panel.

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Tilt that amp back and point that speaker at your face where it should be. Minimal weight and footprint. Just throw it in the back of your speaker cabinet. Slide it on and off of your amp’s back bracing to install. Easy as cake. “The Stick” comes with a grippy rubber end cap so it wont slip around on smooth surfaces.

The default length is 12 inches, you can saw it off to desired size.  Comes with instructions on how to calculate the length. Or, if you send me an email with your order including the measurement from the floor to the bottom of your amp’s back panel (see this diagram), I can cut it for you to the 60-degree tilt angle. Please note that I am not responsible for incorrect measurements.

For a 60-degree tilt (a good place to start), multiply the bracing height with 0.85 for the overall stick length. For a 45-degree tilt, multiply it by 0.7.

Note: please measure the thickness of your amp’s back panel to determine which size to order. I do NOT keep records of different amp models and their sizes. Every amp is different. Get in touch if you need a custom size. I can probably make it for you!

Link: Video demo of the Stick in action.

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Weight N/A

10.75mm (most fender amps), 13mm, 14.3mm, 20mm, 8mm

Panel thickness

10.75mm (most Fender amps), 13mm, 14.3mm, 20mm, 8mm